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Welcome to the AICPA Town Hall Series, your resource for the latest news on the most pressing issues facing the accounting profession. 

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Dec 15, 2022


  • DC and profession developments 
  • Technical updates 
  • Employment strategies and trends 
  • 2023 economic projections. 



  • Erik Asgeirsson, President and CEO,   
  • Lisa Simpson, VP, Firm Services, AICPA 
  • Mark Peterson, EVP, Advocacy, AICPA 
  • Marci...

Dec 6, 2022


  • DC and profession update
  • Technical Updates 
  • CPA pipeline and management accounting evolution
  • Small firm CEO will share his experience running a small firm that was acquired by a large firm, plus discuss progressive advisory services


  • Barry Melancon, President and CEO, AICPA
  • Erik Asgeirsson,...

Nov 17, 2022


  • DC & profession developments and including a breakdown of the U.S. midterm results 
  • Technical updates 
  • Discussion with tax task force members led by April Walker 
  • CFO-led conversation on the future of finance with Tom Hood 



  • Erik Asgeirsson, President, and...

Nov 3, 2022


  • Act like an employee and think like a CEO to produce tangible results 
  • The latest updates to the DOL independence guidance for employee benefit plans 
  • DC and a profession update. 
  • Technical updates. 



  • Erik Asgeirsson, president, and CEO,    
  • Mark...

Oct 20, 2022


  • Update from AICPA Fall Council with Calvin Harris
  • DC and Profession update
  • Work transformation strategies


  • Erik Asgeirsson, president and CEO,  
  • Barry Melancon, president and CEO, AICPA  
  • Lisa Simpson, VP, Firm Services, AICPA 
  • Mark Peterson, EVP, Advocacy, AICPA 
  • Calvin...