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Oct 6, 2022

On this AICPA Town Hall, Erik Asgeirsson, CEO,, was joined by Lauren Pfingstag, Director of Congressional and Political Affairs, AICPA who provided an overview of the potential year-end tax bill. Lisa Simpson, VP, Firm Services, AICPA, provided technical updates. Susan Coffey, AICPA CEO of Public Accounting, moderated a discussion with PCC Chair Candy Wright. And Mike Decker, AICPA VP of CPA Examination and Pipeline, joined Susan and Lisa to share the latest on the pipeline and upcoming changes to the CPA Exam. 


  1. Erik Asgeirsson, CEO,  
  2. Susan Coffey, CFO, Public Accounting, AICPA  
  3. Lisa Simpson, VP, Firm Services, AICPA  
  4. Mark Peterson, EVP, Advocacy, AICPA  
  5. Mike Decker, VP, Examinations, AICPA 
  6. Candy Wright, PCC Chair