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Welcome to the AICPA Town Hall Series, your resource for the latest news on the most pressing issues facing the accounting profession. 

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Oct 8, 2021

The AICPA Town Hall Series provides the latest news and updates on pressing issues facing the accounting profession.


  • Erik Asgeirsson, President & CEO,
  • Carl Peterson, CPA, CGMA, VP, Small Firms, AICPA
  • Lisa Bodell, CEO, FutureThink
  • Jennifer Burns, CPA, Chief Auditor, AICPA
  • Kari Hipsak, CPA, CGMA, Sr. Manager, AICPA
  • Mark Peterson, Executive Vice President, Advocacy, AICPA


  • DC Update
  • Fireside Chat with Lisa Bodell
  • Technical Guidance & Updates
  • ASB Exposure Draft: New Quality Management Standard

Key Insights:

  • President & CEO, Erik Asgeirsson, was joined by AICPA’s Executive Vice President of Advocacy, Mark Peterson, to discuss breaking news from Washington and the latest in legislation as Congress works to resolve fiscal issues as critical deadlines loom.
  • Special guest Lisa Bodell, a globally recognized keynote speaker and CEO of FutureThink discussed how simplicity can be used as a competitive advantage and how to make better use of time.
  • Kari Hipsak, AICPA’s Senior Manager of Firm Services provided technical guidance, including how to handle accounting for economic recovery programs
  • Jennifer Burns, AICPA’s Chief Auditor, and Carl Peterson, AICPA Vice President of Small Firms, gave an update on proposed quality management standards and related top issues